Sunday, July 12, 2009

As I stated earlier, I have supported the Mayor and Council on their decisions and directions on the development within our city. Although there are skeptics to our Town Toyota Center and it's ability to generate revenue to sustain itself and produce revenue for the City's accounts, I would remind you that there were skeptics at the time that the Stanley Civic Center and Entertaining Arts Center were built. It has far exceeded expectations and provides a wide variety of entertainment as well as much needed space for Conventions and meetings. It's tax revenues have been welcome and it's monies generated from rental space has provided well. The Town Toyota Center, as any business, should be expected to take some time to show a profit. It is going through changes in management and vendors, as of this writing, with the City's input and encouragement. I feel strongly that the current economic situation of the Center will turn around quickly and show marked improvements by this time next year. Our Community must be supportive, not throw negative comments. Go to a concert, buy a Hockey ticket. Right now you can take your kids/grandkids down to the Center to the Public Skate sessions. Not many cities can claim an indoor ice skating rink, open all year. I strongly support the decisions made by the Council for the further development of our City and it's needs and growth.
I welcome your comments.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hi, Everyone. My name is Rick Isaacson and I am running for the Wenatchee City Council Position #4. Please take a minute and read my short biography. Then you might want to comment or ask questions. I will try to answer to the best of my ability.
I am 59 years old, married, to my wife Sue. We have 6 children and 8 grandchildren between us. My wife and I are both retired, I having worked in Everett as a Police Officer for 25 years. I retired in 2001 as a Patrol Sergeant. My wife was working for the Boeing Company and she, too, retired in 2001. We moved to the Wenatchee Valley, first living in East Wenatchee. We built a house in 2003 in S.W. Wenatchee and currently live there.
As we receive pensions for our income, we decided not to take a job but, rather, give back to the Community by Volunteering our time to several different Organizations. I am a Lifetime Member and Executive Board Member of the Wenatchee Sportsmen's Association, a conservation group. I am a Member of the Apple Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross and was recently appointed to their Executive Board. I joined the Douglas County Sheriff's Auxiliary Services and assisted in the deployment of the Communications Unit on Wildfires and other hazards. I am also a Member of the Chelan County Sheriff's Volunteer Services, being appointed as the ADCOM Captain, responsible for the deployment of the Communications Unit as well as handling call-outs for Search and Rescue Missions. I recently joined the Wenatchee Police Department's Volunteers in Police Services, helping with different activities, including Apple Blossom festivities, Parade duty, traffic control, etc. And, last but not least, I am a Member of the North Central Washington Type 3 All Hazards Incident Management Team. My primary duties are as a Public Information Officer for the Team during disasters or Events that our Group is called upon to take over management of. I have worked on the Easy Street Fire, the Douglas Creek Fire, the Badger Mountain Fire, the Smith Lake Fire and some smaller fires in the Mansfield area. I am also cross trained, on the Team, as a Logistics member.
I have been interested in City Government for the last several years and attended many City Council Meetings. I have, on occasion, made comments at those meetings about topics that I have had concerns for. As of last fall, I was asked to Chair the Wenatchee Citizen's Fire Facility Bond Committee. I worked with a group of citizens in putting together a bond on last falls Election.

As a candidate for public office, I am confident my training and experience has brought me leadership skills, common sense and knowledge to help implement the plans and activities of the City and it's future. I have concerns for the growth and direction for the City of Wenatchee and want to take an active part in our Government. I am strong on Emergency Services, a very necessary function for our citizens. Proper equipment, continued training and proper staffing for 24 hour coverage are essential. I am interested in finding ways to encourage downtown businesses to expand and grow and provide our community with a varied commerce. I also would like to see incentives to developers to develop housing downtown, specifically for condominium/apartments above existing storefront businesses. And Affordable housing is another area I am interested in pursuing, especially for our citizens above the age of 55. We have very few apartment complexes for independent Seniors. I think we need to find ways to establish some newer housing that is both affordable and economical for those over 55 who can take care of themselves and need very little assistance.
I believe I can give the Council a few fresh ideas in the Growth of our community. We have a strong Mayor that I very strongly support and a good balance of Council Members who are dedicated to the citizens of our beautiful city. I believe I can help move in a positive direction for business and residential growth in the coming years.
I hope you will support me and Vote for me in the upcoming election for City Council Position #4, City of Wenatchee. Thank you. Rick Isaacson
If you wish to help in getting me elected, you can give a contribution to my campaign. My address is P.O. Box 5087, Wenatchee, 98807. Any amount will help. The limit for individual contributions is $500.00 Thank you for any help you might like to provide.
You may contact me through email at: or call me at my home at 509 888-2991.